Litter “N”

Isabella and Ennie had their first babies! 2 boys and 1 girl were born on Aug 23rd. We named them – Nazar (boy), Nikolai (boy) and Nikita (girl).

Nazar looks like his mom and is very active and curious. He is the biggest of the litter and weighted 1.2kg when he was not even 2 months. Nikolai has a what I call a “wild” Siberian look. He is very friendly and loves to be carried around, purring non stop. Nikita is the smallest of the litter. She has her dad’s coloring and is playful, happy girl. 


2 weeks old

Eyes are open and kittens start to move around more. They still cannot see clearly and mostly rely on smell.

8 weeks old

Kittens are fully litter trained but they are still nursing on mom. They are full of energy and play with everything they can get a hold of.

11 weeks old

Kittens are getting ready to move to their new homes. Here is a few pictures of the boys, Nazar and Nikolai. Nikita decided she wants to play and did not want to pose.