Litter “F”

Four boys were born on Friday, February 16, 2018, between 7 and 9 in the evening. The delivery went well and kittens are busy growing and gaining weight. They more than doubled their birth weight in just 5 days! Two boys are red (orange) tabbies with possibly white paws. Two other boys are black/brown tabbies with white paws. One of them will have stripes and the another one will have classic pattern (like a marble).

Litter F 1 week
Week 2

Kittens are 2 weeks right now. They more than triple their birth weight and move around more. Their eyes are fully opened but the vision is still developing.

Litter F 2 weeks old
Week 3

Boys are growing nicely. We introduced solid food yesterday and started toilet training. Boys also got another round of de-worming so everything goes according to the schedule.

Week 8

Boys had their vet checkup and first round of vaccination. All went very well – kittens are healthy. Felix surprised me with his weight – he is a big boy and is 1.2kg already! Foxx and Flash were very relaxed and even fell asleep on the table. Flint is the smallest boy in the litter but he was the favourite with the nurses – sweet and gentle.