Litter “K”

Litter “K”

1 weeks old

4 boys and 1 girl were born on Nov 26th, 2018. The delivery was tough. Kira had retained placentas and ended up at the vet office for injections. We were helping her to take care of her babies for the first few days, to give her time to rest and recover. Now she feels much better and is an amazing mom! She is very attentive, calm and takes great care of her babies and herself (that’s very important!)

6 weeks old

Kittens got the names – Kitana, Kai, Kesha, Keagan, and Kane. They are fully potty trained now and are eating solids four times a day now. Kai is the extremely active and curious kitty; absolutely nothing can happen without his participation. Kitana is the only girl in the litter and is very similar to Kai in appearance and temperament. Kesha is the calmest boy of the litter. He is quite content to sit on my lap and watch others. He also loves being petted under the chin and puts a lot. Keagan and Kane are bigger boys and very well rounded – they are playful but not hyper, love people without being clingy, and purr a lot:)

7.5 weeks old

Kittens are growing fast! About a month left before they will be moving out.
Next week kittens are going to the vet for the first round of vaccines and a check up. 4 weeks later, they will be spayed/neutered. Then they will get their second round of vaccines and the final exam. If everything goes as planned, they will be ready after February 21!

10-12 weeks old

Kittens are getting ready to go to their new homes. We will miss them so much!