Litter “J”

Litter J

Three kittens, 2 boys and 1 girl, were born in the morning on Oct 11th. They are now 5 weeks and started litter training. They also were introduced to solid food last week and love cooked chicken. They run to me with lots of meows as soon as see me with the plates 
The reds are boys and the girl is black/brown tabby. We named the girl Juna and boys are Jack and Jayden. Juna always looks surprised when she sees the camera.

8 weeks old

Kittens are now 8 weeks old and fully potty trained. They love playing and chasing after each other. Right now, they are more interested in each other than people; however, it will change soon. Jack and Juna love to be petted while they are falling asleep. They also started to purr. Jayden is still more attached to his mom but he is the first at the door when I bring them food. He also started to sleep beside us.