Litter “G”

Caya had her babies with Nestor on Saturday morning, February 24, 2018. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. They had  good birth weight and are growing like weeds. Cays is a good and protective mom. Even though, it took her few days to figure out how to toilet her babies to stimulate excretion as kittens are unable to do it themselves until they are older.


Kittens got the names: 2 girls are Gita and Glasha, and 2 boys are Gregory (aka Gosha) and Gromm. They are fully toilet trained and eating solids. They usually sleep in their bed overnight but prefer our bed during the day. Now we have to be very careful not to accidentally sit on one of them.


Gita -7 weeks
Glasha - 7 weeks
Gregory (aka Gosha)
Gromm - 7 weeks

Gosha and Glasha are playing (8 weeeks)

8 Weeks

Kittens had their first vet checkup and vaccination. Everyone are healthy!
The girls fell asleep in my arms while waiting for the doctor. Gosha was very calm and did not even flinch while getting his shots. Gromm pretended he did not to see the doctor and ignored everything that went around him