Litter “I”

Litter “I”

6 kittens were born on Aug 2, 2018, 3 boys and 3 girls!

2 weeks old

All kittens have their eyes open. However, their vision and hearing are still developing and far from perfect. They move around more but still very wobbly. We noticed two boys playing with each other today

3 weeks old

Kittens are ready for adventure. They are very curious and want to explore the world.  We caught few kittens crawling out of the nest, making their mom besides herself worrying. We are introducing them to solids soon and will start toilet training this week.

5 weeks old 

Kittens got the names! Please welcome Ivy, Izzy, Isabella, Irsen, Inar and Ivan.

 weeks old
Kittens had their first set of vaccines and a vet check. Everyone is healthy. Izzy is the smallest at 930gr, but still good weight for the age. Isabella is the biggest at 1160gr. Everyone else are between 1050gr. to 1150gr. Babies were at their best behavior – no one cried or panicked.