Litter “H”

Dixie and Nestor had 3 girls on February 24th – Honeybee, Holly and Halisha.

Honeybee - 5 weeks
Holly - 5 weeks
Halisha - 5 weeks

Week 4-5

We introduced solid food this week. Halisha loves meat and is already competing with Dixie for it. Honeybee and Holly are still not sure about the whole idea and prefer mom’s milk for now. Litterbox training is on its way too and they are making progress.

Litter H - 5 weeks

Week 6-7

Holly is the biggest of the litter. She is active and very curious. She is a golden Siberian – her coloring will be brighter than usual black/brown tabby.
Honeybee is a calm girl. She is the smallest of the litter but has a sweet personality. She likes to watch what is going around her before taking any part in the action.
Halisha is the first everywhere and in everything. She was the first to be potty trained and to start solids, the first to leave the nursery crate and the first to play with toys. She likes to sleep on the battery where it is warm and cozy.

Halisha - 7 weeks
Holly - 7 weeks
Honeybee - 7 weeks