Early Spay and Neuter Program

We decided to offer early spay and neuter (ESN) program at our cattery. All kittens who are sold as pets will be altered before leaving.

The surgery will be done by our vet, who is very experienced in ESN.  Usually we wait until kittens weight  over 3 lb. so about 11-12 weeks of age. We take them home the same day and most kittens behave as nothing happened. Based on our experience, the recovery is fast and easy. They are ready to leave 7-14 days later.

There are numerous benefits to ESN:

  • Kittens have less traumatic surgery. The incision is small and less stitches are needed as well as less blood loss
  • Kittens recover quicker. They are fully alert and playing within hours of surgery. The older cats need more time to recover from anesthesia and usually still unsteady hours later
  • Kittens have less post-op complications
  • Risks are absorbed by us
  • You do not need to go through this later. It can be very emotional and nerve-raking to go through the surgery and then recovery.
  • Reduce unwanted behavior such as spaying, scratching, fighting and yowling.
  • Preventing population growth.  Most people do not know that cats can get pregnant as early as 4 months. One of the study showed that about 50% of the pregnancies are not planned.
  • Reducing number of `backyard` breeders