Heart scans – HEALTHY!

Ennie and Caya had their heart scans this week. Their hearts are healthy!

On August 13, 2019, Ennie and Caya went to see a cardiologist and had their first echocardiography. They both had normal heart structure and function!

We routinely test our breeding cats for congenial heart diseases and HCM. HCM is one of the most commonly diagnosed heart diseases. It is a condition where heart muscles thicken thus decreasing the heart’s efficiency. Although the cause of HCM has not been clear, there is a possibility that HCM is caused by mutations of several cardiac (heart) genes.  There is a genetic test for certain breeds; however, there is none for Siberians yet. The best way way to diagnose HCM is through electrocardiography performed by a certified cardiologist.

By scanning our cats, we are reducing the risks of passing the “affected” genes to our kittens.